PIPA National Conference 2013 - 13 July 2013 - Coverage

The inaugural PIPA National Conference was held in Sydney on 13 July 2013 with over 50 members and associates in attendance. An excellent venue, delectable food and a distinguished list of speakers made this event a fantastic success.

The BoomBox at the Star Casino was an unconventional location but it offered every possible facility and was selected to make our event stand apart from other conferences venues, so often chosen.

With exceptional orators including Dr. Malcolm Quirey, as guest speaker, the audience where impressed by the breadth of topics and the information that was gleaned from the speakers. A history of insolvency and Part IX delivered under the title eni, Vidi, Viciby Dr. Quirey was extremely well received.

Leading speakers like David Bergman from ITSA, who discussed the future of Part IX and current trends in insolvency and Quentin Oeefe from the Attorney-General Department provided brilliant synopsis on how legislation is drafted and tabled to Parliament.

Ed Benison of Max Recovery, who travelled from New York specifically to address the Conference, placed everything into perspective by providing a detailed analysis of how the Debt Agreement System of Australia fares better than the rest of the western world in terms of creditor returns; and legislation. Ed highlighted the key differences between Canada, USA, UK and New Zealand policies on debt agreements.

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A highpoint of the Conference was the unveiling of the Personal Insolvency Law

& Practice Course currently being devised by PIPA in conjunction with Dr. Quirey and Bond University Prof, Geraldine Mackenzie, Dean of Law at Bond, provided an overview of how the course would be structured and then delivered nationally.

She responded to all questions from the audience and took the time to explain that the Course would be structured in consultation with the PIPA Education Committee.

Sponsors RSM Bird Cameron and Debtware provided gifts in various forms to attendees with Debtware sponsoring a scrumptious morning tea.

The Faculty of Law at Bond University sponsored the Cocktail Hour in The Library, overlooking the Sydney Harbour and city skyline. This 1 hour social activity added considerable value to the Conference by providing an opportunity for the Members to network with each other, sponsors and speakers.

Overall, this successful event was a cumulative effort of the Committee in bringing the first National Conference to life and making it possible for many more similar events in the future.

Some of the feedback comments were:

It was the first, so nobody has set a standard but given that, it went beyond my expectations. I guess the thing I liked most was that it has got out professional body moving in the right direction.

Seating so everyone could hear each other. Dr Malcolm Quirey's presentation regarding changes to Debt Agreements. Dr Geraldine's presentation regarding educational program. David Bergman is always a great presenter. Ed from Max had some interesting statistics. The food was delicious. Cocktails at the end was a good idea.

Gathering of like minds with a joint passion despite intense competition.

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